Tatted Lace Confection

Tatted Lace Confection
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tatted Note Cards

Design ideas can come from anywhere. Always keep a little idea notebook and pencil with you and a camera. What is thought to be an unforgettably wonderful idea will soon be overpowered by the bustle of the day or the week. One idea that delights me still is my new little birdie. I wanted a signature birdie for my cards. The bird came in the form of a deflated balloon. It was the perfect bird shape with shading provided by the back light of the waning sunlight in a local park on the 4th of July.
The finished card brings so many comments and sharing the story of my birdie makes people smile. So be an image hoarder this season. Take pictures of unusual shapes and subjects. Who knows maybe the spark of shine from a Christmas ornament will be the star in your next project. I love to take pictures of flowers and other brightly colored objects. I use crop to take out a swatch of color, move it into one of my photo programs and use some of the features to create a one of a kind background for my cards or for scrapbooking or other craft applications.

Have you heard of Sure Cuts Alot? It allows the user to cut out svg images without the need for buying a Cricut cartridge for your Cricut to cut it out. Fabulous! And if you choose to buy a file of svg images it is usually between $4 and $12 for the really nice ones. Much cheaper than Cricut cartridges. Makes me wish I'd bought the larger Expression Cricut because it allows the most access to the svg files. Cannot wait to get started with doing new cards with SCAL (Sure Cuts Alot).

Tatted Gift Bags. My new passion. I make the gift bags and tags adding tatted motifs to the front or make a tatted edging and add it to the upper edge of the bag. They are darling using all kinds of papers. I make a second gift bag template out of card stock and glue to the outside paper for the gift bag giving me instant classy interiors on all my bags. They take your gifts from Thank you to Oh my, what a gorgeous gift and they haven't even opened it yet. I also make two gift tags and leave one blank so that the recipient can use the bag again, using the new tag for that.

Happy Holidays, my tatting friends....

Let it snow!

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