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Tatted Lace Confection
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Tatted Corn Husk Angel Finished

Finally, she is finished, my first corn husk angel with tatted wings and halo. She was so much fun! I have another one in the works, learning how to stiffen the wings after some advice from my mother, and some small adjustments to that advice (learning by the seat of my pants). The best part is that it is season appropriate, usually I am tatting snowflakes in May and pansies in October. Don't ask me why ~ hee-hee. My husband wonders if I will come up for air after Thanksgiving but I am thinking of a Christmas variation. Sharing of that will happen if I get all the winds in my favor. Right now I fit tatting and doll making between preparing for my mother's 80th birthday party in November, sharing lunch with my father in law (who is a shut in) every day and determining if I can once again take care of picking up my sister in law after dialysis twice a week. Then there's my husbands business office work that I do and helping our church with an ongoing project everyday. I used to stay up late into the night playing with my thread and needle, making tatted greeting cards, snowflakes, hearts, artsy gardens and towel edgings but having diabetes means going to bed on time and getting good rest every night, so the window of opportunity shrinks to tat to my hearts content. And... at least an hour of exercise every day, which is not my favorite thing to do. One 'friend' is baseball playoffs and football games on TV. My husband doesn't mind if I tat the weekends and evenings away if he can be left to his games. That's why fall is my favorite time of the year! Hope you are finding a niche in your day to tat up something special. I know I will.Oh and if you want to make your own Tatted Corn Husk Angel, the pattern is available on http://www.etsy.com (TattingAngel store).

Tatted Corn Husk Angel Pattern

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  1. Tat's a pretty angel. Will there be a tatted 3D body to go with the wings sometime?