Tatted Lace Confection

Tatted Lace Confection
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Storms

Most of us are over committed and under-motivated to change when it comes to the holidays, so what is sweeter than a heavy blanket of snow over a glaze of ice to stop us in our tracks, allowing us to take new paths, even neglected paths. The soles of our feet and the souls in our chests smooth out as a reprieve from our busy lives gives us moments to realize just how beautiful stillness, a cup of hot coffee, the woosh of snow gliding over a front porch and the sight of a bobcat meandering through the low woods behind our house can be. We were made to experience this simple awe. To have time to catch our breath and take our mates hand while a dog snuffles at our feet. At times like this I put my self on leave from production style projects and take up my tatting letting some simple pattern lull me into peacefulness. It doesn't matter if I finish it before the roads open again. I will remember how wonderful the fine cotton thread felt and how moving through the motions of lacemaking at a more leisurely pace enriched the experience. May you have a gentle day, snowed in by the fire, content, drowsy, full of nothing more than hot soup and beautiful memories.

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  1. This project is great, thanks for posting it and participating in the FaveCrafts blog hop! Our next blog hop will be January 15 and we hope you’ll participate again. Your project will also be featured in a special newsletter that goes out to 850,000+ readers. Thanks again!