Tatted Lace Confection

Tatted Lace Confection
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Starching & Care of Tatted Projects

Tat a lovely doily for that special friend or your own table. Now what? How do you starch it or store it when you are not using it. What is the recipient of the doily supposed to do when she needs to rewash and starch it again or store it? The answers are surprisingly easy. Cut a piece of cardboard of styrofoam that is a few inches larger than the doily or other tatted item. Between two clean and dry towels (large enough to hold the doily) lay the doily out, coaxing the chains and rings into shape. Steam press (no moving iron around, just press and lift to next section and press again) over the top layer of towel over the entire doily. Allow it and the doily to cool. Remove top layer of toweling. Gently lift the doily off the towel. Center doily on piece of styrofoam or cardboard (covered with plastic wrap that is taped onto the opposite side of the cardboard). Place rustproof sewing pins in center of chains and at the top of each ring and in picots. In a clean squirt bottle mix Even-flo Starch (liquid) 2/3rds starch 1/3rd water and shake vigorously several times. Over a sink or tub tilt plastic covered cardboard or styrofoam at an angle. Completely soak doily with starch. Allow to dry approximately 12 hours. Lay on clean, flat surface, remove pins. Clean tub or sink to remove starch. Use a pin to remove excess starch in picots, etc. To wrap as a gift: If you used cardboard wash off plastic with warm soap and water and dry or replace it with a clean piece. Place doily back onto cardboard or styrofoam replacing pins in the same holes made the first time, except push them until they almost push through the back of cardboard or styrofoam. Wrap with wrapping paper and add bow. Now when the recipient is ready to wash and restarch her doily all she has to do is wash it by hand with a Woolite type product, rinse, place back on the styrofoam or cardboard base and put the pins in their original holes, starching as before and let dry. After spraying starch on the doily remove sprayer and swish in warm soapy water, squirting the sprayer several times to remove starch residue which keeps it from being clogged when you are ready to use it again. No more calls asking you to wash and starch your gifts again. Also, storing the doily is easy. Just put it back on the base, cover with plastic wrap and place flat or upright where nothing can be piled on it or against it until it is time to enjoy it again. So that's the basics of caring for tatted lace. Next time we will discuss the front and back side of tatting and how to tell the difference and how to get all your double stitches with all the rings and chains facing upside right. So easy!

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