Tatted Lace Confection

Tatted Lace Confection
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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Tatted Angels & More ~ 26 Tatting Patterns is finally finished. Five years of tatting and praying, editing and listening to those wiser than I to get directions for seeing my dream become reality finally gave me the harvest I wanted (1) to add to the bounty of beautiful tatting patterns that came before me (2) to become a published author and (3) to preserve the patterns that I'd received from the Lord before they went the way of the neglected. Fourteen angels were only the beginning of the angel patterns that I have created but yet to publish

.But there was a glitch in the road (diabetes). Working hard on my book, taking care of the business of life and neglecting to care of  me caused diabetic ketoacidosis to rear its ugly head. My corneas swelled (blurry double vision) and vertigo meant no tatting, no driving, reading, or working on the computer. Sitting, longing to create another pattern for my next book. Dizzy, tired to the bone, weak and impatient, that was my state. My doc said it will take a long time to recover, "a marathon," he said,"not a sprint."

Within one month I figured out how to overcome insulin resistance and get back my strength and energy. Low carbs, meeting daily protein needs, low fat, and  low calorie choices and 90 minutes on my recumbent bile plummeted my weight in spite of insulin resistance. The ER doctor and my doctor failed to tell me that diabetic ketoacidosis leads to electrolyte depletion, thus the weakness and low energy. One cup of Gatorade and my energy was flowing again. More Gatorade the next day and I was fit to conquer the challenges that lay ahead.

Next week I address the vision issues and enjoy the fast slide of my blood sugars into the bottom range of normal instead of the 500 blood sugar that I faced in the ER last month.

Last week I picked up my tatting and almost sang with happiness as the lace flowed into my lap. I worked on wings for my latest angel, made a tatted card with some Cricut design work thrown in for good measure. Last night I sat and read a book without double vision but with the aid of magnifying glasses. I am back on the computer again using another stronger pair of magnifying glasses.

One of  the most terrifying moments for me in all of this was that the leisurely evenings and Sunday afternoons filled with creating something beautiful things with a single strand of thread could have been gone forever, my future a blur. Happily, because of the mercy of God, I have another chance. Here's to staying on track and to more tatting!

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  1. A new tatting book is brewing in my mind. I have more than half of the patterns for my book. It's discipline that I need now. The fall leaves are lighting up the hills around our house and cooler days are happily spent getting ready for winter. A half finished tatted necklace sits by my chair. I don't like the second thread that I chose for it. I know that I won't be happy until I take it apart and start again with a new color. A craft show is coming up too. I need a new thing to show there. Something comes to mind but since I fell sick in July I wear out more quickly and I measure out what I can do like a dieter weighs her food, too much and the results are not good.
    I am going to make a dozen or so Christmas cards with a pretty tatted angel sewn to the front of each one (a gift and card in one)or maybe it'll be a penguin or a snowflake too. I have dozens of cut out mini Christmas stockings that need sewn together so that I can put a cute tatted edging on each one. Maybe for my grandchildren or some for the craft fair. Serendipity is my theme this year in all things tatted. Sister (and brother) tatters, hope your autumn is full of all things good, including some happy tatting time!